Our Parish

Parish Council Executive 2017

Church Executive

Michael Reshitnyk

Church Executive

Bob Shumsky

Parish Priest: Father Ihor Okhrimtchouk
President: Michael Reshitnyk
Past President: Bohdan Shumsky
Vice-President: Liza Malarek
Recording Secretary: Angie Reshitnyk
Treasurer: Olena Baran
Financial Secretary: Myron Oleskiw & Bohdan Nakoneczny
Communications Director: Halyna Beznaczuk      
Membership Director: Vera Hutzuliak
Property Manager: Mikola S. Czich
Cemetery Manager: Bohdan Shumsky
Benevolent Committee Director: Zora Lucyk-Jackson
Choir Committee Director: Oxana Genina
Redevelopment Committee Director: Bohdan Shumsky
Youth & Family Programming Director: Maryna Popovych
Volunteer Co-ordinator: Oksana Kavera
Representative to Ottawa KYK: Vera Hutzuliak
Trustees: Tamara Charalambij, Daryna Stavnycha, Nicolas Switucha
Auditors: Victor Stetskevych, Olena Hnatiw, Maryna Tserkovnytska



All baptized individuals who actively confess the Orthodox Christian faith are members of the Orthodox Church.  Individuals who register as members of our parish can participate in and vote at parish meetings, participate on the parish council, and benefit from special discounts on hall rental, special religious services and cemetery plots. Faithful who wish to become a registered member of the parish are required to complete a Membership Application and pay the annual fees. We invite all faithful to register as members.  For more information about becoming a member of our church please contact Fr. Ihor (613-728-0856 or 613-325-3903) or our Membership Director, Vera Hutzuliak (verahutzuliak@gmail.com).

The 2018 fees (covering the 12-month period from January 1 to December 31) are as follows:

Single $160 
Family* $320

* Family membership is equivalent to two adult members plus children aged 18 years and under

A portion of these fees, $35 from each single membership and $70 from each family membership, remains with our parish to help pay our operating expenses. The remainder of the fees supports the work of the Consistory of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC) and St. Andrew's College (the post-secondary academic institution that trains Ukrainian Orthodox priests), both located in Winnipeg, and the Eastern Eparchy located in Toronto. The breakdown of the 2018 membership fees is shown below:

Recipient Single Family
Our parish in Ottawa $35 $70
Consistory of the UOCC $ 95 $ 190
St. Andrew's College $ 10 $ 20
Eastern Eparchy $ 20 $ 40
TOTAL FEES $ 160 $ 320

Please provide your 2018 membership payment to our Membership Director, Vera Hutzuliak, or to our Treasurer, OlenaBaran, by March 31, 2018. Cash or cheque are accepted; please make your cheque payable to "Ukrainian Orthodox Church" noted with "2018 Membership".

If you participate in our church's Direct Deposit program, then you can arrange to have your membership fees paid from the funds you donate to our church through this program. Please contact the Church Office Administrator, Tatiana Zoubareva (613-728-0856), to leave a message for our Treasurer to contact you about this arrangement as well as about the Direct Deposit program.

Help our Church by using the
Direct Deposit Program

Debit Agreement

What is DIRECT DEPOSIT Program?

Just as most of us pay our bills by pre-authorized remittance, the Direct Deposit program allows us to donate to our church consistently through automatic debits directly from our bank account.

What are the benefits?

  1. Even when you're away, you maintain your commitment to the church, and the parish benefits from an increase in overall financial stability, allowing for regular expenditures.
  2. Convenience: no writing cheques each month, or finding cash for your weekly envelope – it's all done automatically for you.

How to Sign In for the Direct Deposit Initiative:

  1. Complete and sign a pre-authorized debit agreement and provide a void cheque.
  2. The copy of the agreement is in each envelope or you can obtain it in the office.
  3. The signed form and a void cheque can be mailed to our office or directly to the Buduchnist Credit Union 913 Carling Ave. Ottawa, ON K1Y 4E3
  4. Once these documents are received, then approximately 10 days are needed to activate the arrangementFill in the authorization form in the church office, and attach a VOID cheque from your account.

You can also arrange for your annual membership fees to be paid using the donations you make through Direct Deposit.

If you need more help or further information, please contact Nadia Dubik of Buduchnist Credit Union in Ottawa at 613-722-7075. We prayerfully asking you to support our community through this undertaking.

May God Bless you and your family in this Christmas season.

If you will sign up for the program and will donate $ 40 or more via Direct Deposit or will increase your existing donation by $ 30, you will receive a small token of appreciation from our parish - newly published prayer book Good Shepherd (Dobry Pastyr). This prayer book contains not only a good basics for the meaningful prayer life and various services of our Church, it also features a unique arts from the rare prayer books printed in Ukraine in 17-18th centuries.

Please use this opportunity to help our community and to obtain this unique prayer book for the enrichment of your spiritual life and to guide you in personal and community prayers.