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Embassy of Ukraine in Canada

Dear community!

Embassy of Ukraine in Canada welcomes you in the New Year, wishing you a happy and merry Christmas and invites you on January 16, 2018, at 18:00 on to the caroling and the traditional kutyi competition!

Get dressed in Ukrainian, cook christmas dishes and join the caroling!

The winner of the most delicious festive meal will win a prize!

We are waiting for you at:
310 Somerset St West, Ottawa, K2P 0J9
The entrance to the Embassy will be made by pre-registration.
Please, notify all guests at:

Our Parish Iconography Project

In 2012, the Parish Iconography Committee placed an advertisement in the Visnyk newspaper (the UOCC's official newspaper) inviting iconographers to submit proposals for the design and painting of iconography for our Church. They received proposals from a good number of orthodox iconographers from across North America. The Parish Iconography Committee evaluated and selected the best three proposed designs which were presented at the Parish Annual Meeting held in March 2013. The Committee recommended the highest ranked proposal prepared by Subdeacon Michael Kapeluch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA as the successful design. Following a discussion by the membership, the Parish Council was given the approval to negotiate a contract for his services.

The iconography project design, prepared by Subdeacon Michael provides us with an opportunity to showcase the Ukrainian Orthodox heritage in Canada's Capital. His design unifies the internal and external design elements of our Temple, highlighting the Biblical theme of the Tree of life. His art work will portray the history of our Salvation through the Saints and events of the Old and New Testaments. If you would like to see the unique drawings, please contact Fr. Ihor, who with a great excitement would be pleased to show and explain to you the spiritual aspects of the iconography proposal.

The best news is — our dear ladies of the UWAC's Lesia Ukrainka Ottawa branch who, by their countless hours of hard work collected funds, to financially sponsor the first phase — the painting of a central icon in our Church — which would be located on the wall behind the Altar. The Icon would stretch from the floor to the ceiling and is comprised of two parts — The Platytera ("wider than Heavens") and the Communion of the Holy Apostles (Please see the second page for the sketch of this icon). The icon will be delivered and installed in our Church in early March 2014. Our parish will be eternally grateful to the Women's Association for their generous undertaking, starting the iconographic beautification of our worship area with their financial support. Their drive will provide an excitement and spiritual vision for the other parishioners to complete the remainder of the iconographic paintings. Once all the costs determined, the parish will formally start a fundraising campaign, Parishioners will be able to donate towards this monumental undertaking by the parish. You can follow the progress of the icon painting by clicking on the computer online link and updates found in our weekly Sunday bulletins.

We also pray that God will assist us in this undertaking and counting on your generosity to complete the project — to become a truly unique display of our faith and spirituality in our nation's capital. Just like our ancestors and forefathers, who worked together to build the Churches in Ukraine and in Canada, we will work together and find ways to financially support the completion of this project in order to pass our legacy to the next generations.

May God Bless us in our undertakings!

An update from the Orphanage Committee

Our parish community is continuing the project assisting the orphanage in Krivyj Rih that was launched in 2012. This orphanage, in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine, is home for 57 children of all ages.

Several months ago several deaf children moved to the orphanage when their group home closed. In addition this year, two new group living arrangements were created for children living in unsafe or dysfunctional homes where the parents may be addicts, alcoholics, or unable for some reason to make solid parental decisions with regard to their children. While they still have parental rights, the children spend most of their time in the orphanage, and occasionally go home for visits.

The wonderful tradition that has been established in our parish community is the gifting of the graduates with items needed for independent living. In March, The Borscht Cook-Off was organized to raise funds to purchase these gifts. This spirited and very tasty culinary competition brought together many entries of borscht and raised over $1,200 through freewill donations. Due to the generosity of our "borscht chefs" and the generous participants, who were also tasked with voting for the Best Borscht of the event, we were able to provide each of the eleven graduates with the following items to begin their life of independent living: a warm blanket, pillow, bed linens, large bath towel, cup, a plate and bowl, utensils, a pot and pan.

Here the gifts are displayed:

In addition, we sent the graduates lovely Canadian t-shirts to remind them of their Canadian fellow countrymen across the vast ocean.

As in the past, the children receiving the gifts were incredibly happy and grateful. These items are necessary to begin their adult independent life outside the walls of the orphanage. After leaving the orphanage the children are only provided with a place to live in residence, as well as a very small sum of money, which makes if very difficult for them to purchase even the bare necessities. Therefore, our support is tremendously critical and brings great joy. With God's guidance we will continue to organize the annual "Borscht Cook-Off for the Orphans" in order to provide the graduates with these gifts. We hope that our entire church community will take part in this fundraiser.

Naturally, in addition to the gifts for the graduates, we can offer our assistance in other areas of need at the orphanage. We keep in close contact with the administrator of the orphanage and get reports on the gifts we have provided, their needs, and they share their gratitude for our support.


Liturgical Vestment Colors of the Orthodox Church

Liturgical Vestment Colors of the Orthodox Church

The Orthodox clergy wear two kinds of robes, non-liturgical and liturgical. The non-liturgical robes are the ordinary daily clothing of the clergy, worn underneath ‘liturgical robes’. Liturgical robes, or ‘vestments’, are worn during church services.

The non-liturgical robes are called cassocks (Greek rason, Ukrainian pidryasnyk) and outer cassocks (Greek exo-rason, Slavonic riassa). Cassocks are floor-length garments that have long sleeves fitted like shirtsleeves. Outer cassocks are also floor-length garments, but they’re more loosely fitting, with very large sleeves.

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